Nothing is more All-American then scarfing down your body weight in pork byproducts (i.e. hooves and a@$holes). Every year Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs hosts a 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest on Coney Island in New York. It is an international event with people from all over the world competing to scarf down as many hot dogs as possible in 10 min. For a few years, a little asian dude named Kobayashi won back to back titles and this year refused to participate in the contest, but in an unsactioned event scarfed down 69 hotdogs in under 10 minutes. But for the last 5 years one true American has reigned supreme. Joey Chestnut, a 28yr old student from California, has been an icon in the competitive eating world. Chestnut stuffed 62 hotdogs into he face in under 10 minutes. Now that is a true American athlete.