Getting excited for the upcoming Blaze Ghost Hunt. As we gear up to investigate the ELKS Club, and discover if any of the strange things happening are paranormal. A few years ago we asked you to share with us a story of something creepy hat has happened in your life. Jim Thomas, bartender at Old Post, shared a spooky story about his experiences with the paranormal for a majority of his childhood.

I grew up in a house in Illinois that was built mid 1800's. The home was along the 'underground railroad' route and was known to have housed slaves escaping north to Canada. The house's occupants over the years had its tragedies including the drowning of a young boy of the family that lived there circa 1920's. We moved in fall of 1974 and almost right away started to experience strange activity. Doors would open on their own, unseen entities would 'flick' our pillow at nite, our dogs would frequently growl and bark focused or fixed on invisible objects/areas in the house, there were several times you could hear foot traffic through the house/going up and down stairs but noone was there. By the way the dogs were always in the house because my mom refused to be alone in the house with us kids as my dad spent many sales trips on the road. Previous house occupants reported seeing the apparition of a small boy on the balcony between me and my sister's room. The ten years we lived there experiencing poltergeist activity nothing scared me more than the last night I spent in the house before we moved out. I was gathering an armload of a last few things from my room to take downstairs when I felt this cool breeze overtake me and on that breeze, as if it was leaning in to talk to me, was this voice that said, 'Get out of here'. Even after 25 years, it still made the hair on my body stand up while typing this.


If you want to be part of this year’s investigation, share with us a story like Dawn’s. If chosen, you will join me and the Tortured Souls Investigations team on October 30th at Stage 112.