Consider two seemingly unrelated events: 1) unprotected sex with Jenny* the local herpes factory, and 2) not going to see Clutch April 1 at the Wilma. What do these two events actually have in common? If either come to pass, you'll hate yourself in the morning.

I saw Clutch the last time they came through Missoula, back in March of 2008. I drove damn near 1000 miles for that show, and it was worth every numb-ass moment. So, if you don't have tickets yet get yerself over to Rockin Rudys and pick up a pair (you need some new CDs anyway). AND make sure to pick up the new Clutch record Earth Rocker on March 19th.

(I love this lyric video for Earth Rocker . . . it's like Clutch meets Tron)

Don't hate yourself on April 2nd. Go to Clutch at the Wilma. (and bring a rubber, just in case Jenny* is there).

* I totally made up Jenny's herpes condition. If your name is Jenny, and you have herpes, your name appearing in this blog is a total coincidence so don't sue me, 96.3 the Blaze, or Townsquare Media. Thank you.