Quite possibly one of my favorite raunchy comedies is back on Spike TV. Take Van Wilder and The Program and mix them together, and you get Blue Mountain State. A series about a college football team that parties about as hard as they play. The team is known for winning and being a championship team. But when you get a look into the dark underbelly of the team, you see a bunch of nekkid cheerleaders, drugs and empty beer cans. It is surprising how much the show gets away with for cable television. It gets borderline pornographic. And that is what makes it so great. The story centers around Quarterback Alex Moran, who has the same mentality about school as Van Wilder. He would rather get laid for being on the football team then actually be a football player. In the first 2 seasons, Alex did everything in his power to be only the backup QB. Now in season 3 he has no choice but to start. With the team captain tied up in a drug scandal and the former QB recovering from injuries, Alex has to step up and take charge of the team. Catch up on the first 2 seasons on the Netflix stream and set your DVR for Wednesdays on Spike TV.