Five Asian guys walk into a bar... No it is not a joke it is the "Kims of Comedy." What is the "Kims of Comedy?" It is five Asian standup comedians' answer to the "Kings of Comedy." Who are these five Asian dudes? You have probably seen comedian Bobby Lee on "Pineapple Express" or Ken Jeong from the "Hangover" trilogy, and now you can catch Kevin Shea performing live at the Broadway Inn in Missoula.

I have not been able to stop laughing at Kevin's raunchy sense of humor. Critics have compared him to comedy greats like Mitch Hedberg and George Carlin. Check out a little taste of what Kevin has to offer with his contribution to the "Kims of Comedy" performance. [NSFW]

Missoula Comedy and Lukas Seely Presents, bring you Kevin Shea live at the Broadway Inn bar in Missoula July 12 and July 13.

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