Being the frontman in two of the biggest rock/metal bands isn't enough for Corey Taylor. Now you can add 'comic book guy' to the list.

As you may or may not know, Stone Sour's new record "The House of Gold and Bones, Vol. 1" is a concept album, which describe as

the story of a man who finds himself at a mystical crossroads in his life while on a journey through a kind of self-made perdition, the album follows an arc both thematically and sonically, with the intensity of the songs rising and falling in a way that feels more like a musical than an album of chest-thumping hard rock.

Count me in. Dark Horse is doing the comic version of House of Gold and Bones, with the first issue available for pre-order. For more in-depth chatter, check out this quick blurb from Metal Hammer, or this write-up in CBR (Comic Book Resources).