Hahahaha, OK first, I just have to say, I wrote the title that way to rib my boy down the hall, 'Tallest DJ in America' Aaron Traylor. The man's a blogging god.

A couple of days ago my BFF and I were intending to get some of those magnificent burritos at El Diablo, but we were chatting and walked in the wrong door. Where we ended up was a deli called Tagliare, right next door to El Diablo.

I had heard about Tagliare, didn't know it's actual name, but knew it was the place Missoulians refer to as "the place with the sandwiches named after bands". I love sandwiches, and I love bands, so I don't know how this was my first visit. It certainly will not be my last though.

Everything is fresh. Their bread is made from scratch daily and their meats & cheeses are top notch. Plus they give you a giant pickle, which is essential when consuming a sandwich of this caliber.

As for the band names, naturally I noticed Nirvana first, but I'm not really into roast beef, so I kept reading. Zeppelin, Megadeth, Kiss, Cheap Trick, New Edition, The Clash, The Cure, Pretender, Stray Cat (which is tuna, just makes sense), Doobie Brother & the Pixie. I went with The Cure and it was like a party in my mouth.

Not a whole lot of seating room, in fact, almost none, but perfect for the quick sandwich stop at lunch time. Plus there are two super friendly girls listening to rad music at the counter. Sounds awesome huh? It is!

Tagliare (which, by the way, is Latin for the phrase 'to cut') is at 1433 South Higgins, in that Griz Groc shopping strip there. They're open 10a-5 on Monday & Saturday and open 'til 7 Tuesday through Friday.