I have always been a fan of watching the show "COPS," but I canot say I am a huge fan of cops themselves. It is crazy to think that here in our quiet state we can have police shootouts, but it happens a lot more than you think. Recently a video has surfaced online of a police shooting that took place in Billings this past summer. The criminal was an escaped inmate from the state prison who wound up in Billings.

According to the Huffington Post

A Yellowstone County deputy shot and killed a man who escaped from Montana State Prison following a Friday standoff at an intersection in front of a Billings shopping center, the county sheriff said.It ended when Jess moved a handgun he had been holding toward one of the deputies surrounding his vehicle. The deputy opened fire and Jess was killed, Linder said. It was not immediately clear whether Jess fired any shots.


See the video for yourself and decide if the shooting was justified.