Rock god and rad dad, Dave Grohl, and his gorgeous wife, Jordyn Blum, are expecting their third child this year.

Dave beams as daughter Harper gets her pic taken with Katy Perry
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Dave and Jordyn have two daughters, 8-year-old Violet Maye and 5-year-old Harper Willow, and now they are expecting a third little girl. However, they say they've already used their two favorite names and aren't quite sure what to name the new baby. May I suggest Angel??

You may have recently seen Miss Violet and Miss Harper at the CBS tribute to the Beatles, where Dave made a very touching speech and performed several songs with legendary artists. The Grohls most certainly stole the show with Harper in the audience jamming out to Beatles classics and throwing up her hands to throw heart shapes at her daddy.

And to further prove Dave's awesomeness as a dad, you remember this.

Where, of course, at the end of the documentary, you see Dave and his daughter swimming together. And then there's this.

Dave and Jordyn are incredible, congrats to them!