Pic from YouTube

Reason #4,052 to heart Dave Grohl, he's not a jerk off who sits in the sky box at rock shows.  He gets right up front with everybody else and rocks his balls off.  Dave loves live rock just like the rest of us. 

Soundgarden played at The Forum in LA on Friday night and Dave wasn't the only famous dude there, Mike McCready from Pearl Jam joined the band on stage for Superunknown.
Can't say I'm real surprised that the people around Dave in the crowd aren't spazzing out, it's LA, nobody gives a sh*t about seeing a celebrity in the audience.  They were all there to watch the show.  But how rad would it be to attend Soundgarden with Dave freakin' Grohl, holy Hell.  I'm just thankful at least one person was spazzing enough to take video.