Over the weekend I became involved in a (slightly drunken) conversation taking place at Charlie B's.

There I was, minding my own business, taking photos of the very spot where Dave & Lemmy once stood when all of a sudden I'm involved in a doggy debate. A few shots of Fireball will do this to ya'. And I wasn't actually involved as much as I was just standing by making sarcastic remarks.

The conversation was basically this chick bitching about dogs crapping on her lawn. She's not a dog owner and lives on a corner location in the U district, prime potty stop for dozens of dogs each day. She was saying that she just wanted to go to the owners' homes and crap on their lawns or watch for owners not cleaning up after their dogs and throw the poo at them. I would love to watch both of these things happen by the way.

The guys she was with were giving the 'ol speech about how animals were here first and we should accommodate them and not be offended when they're just doing their natural thing. They said they don't clean up after their dogs even on walking/hiking/biking trails and parks around Missoula because it's nature and if you're not going to crap there, then where?

That's about the time I gunned my drink and hauled my ass outta' there. I probably missed her throwing poo at them, dangit!

What is YOUR take on dog brownies being left in places where you have to step?