First, the photo has nothing to do with the following story. I do, however, think it's great when married couples have things in common (things like a healthy appreciation for tan cleavage).

Anyhoo, I am a recent convert to the Dear Prudence advice column over on Slate's website. I became a regular reader after Prudence advised a reader that, yes, you should probably move out after observing your landlord/neighbor in sexual congress with his dog.

The subject of her most recent column: girlfriend is pissed because her boyfriend answered a cell phone call from his mother WHILE he was doing her (the girlfriend, not the mom . . . it would just be a waste of cell minutes for mom to call you while you're having sex with her, right?). The thing is this: boyfriend and girlfriend don't have their own place. Mom was calling from downstairs, probably trying to be cool and not bug her son OR trying to avoid awkwardly walking in in his son mid-relations with his girlfriend. If he HADN'T answered the phone, mom would have totally known what was going on.

The questions, then: 1) would you have answered that call? 2) Have you ever had a phone conversation while engaged in some sort of carnal activity? Assuming your answers won't get you arrested, comment on our Facebook page!