Ever since I was "knee high to a squirrel," I have wanted to drive a tank. What young boy wouldn't? They are tons of steel that are unstoppable and can crush just about anything. If you are just as fascinated as I am with driving a tank, then there is a company that will let you command your very own tank for a day.

My dream of driving a tank came true 4 years ago when I was invited to, local military memorabilia collector, Hayes Otoupalik's house. Hayes has tons of awesome military americana at his home near Evaro hill. One Memorial day, I was invited to go and blow stuff up at his annual BBQ. One of his crown jewels in his collection is the WW1 FT-17 Renault Tank (As seen in the clip from R. Lee Emery's Lock n Load show.) It is one of the only running in the world and Hayes was nice enough to give me the keys and drive it. One of the coolest things I have ever done.

Now you can expeirnce what it is like to drive even bigger tanks. Thanks to the Drive a Tank company in Kasota, MN. For the price of the rental of jet skis for a day, you can crush cars, shoot .50 cal machine guns and navigate a wooded obstacle course.

According to the companies website

The (5 Star General Package) Commander will be granted access to some of our coolest equipment and this go big or go home package includes just about everything we've got! The VIP can bring up to 2 friends, will navigate 3 laps on our course (a different vehicle each time around), drive a 4th tank over a car, and shoot 5 different guns . All said and done, this package includes admittance for 3: 1 driver and 2 friends.   PRICE - TBD


This (3 Star Lt. General) will receive training on navigating our FV433 Abbot S.P.G. convoy style through a scenic wooded course and fire one historic machine gun. This package includes admittance for only the driver. Up to 2 additional friends may accompany the driver at a cost of $45.00 each. PRICE - $399


If you are still looking for an amazing holiday gift or maybe planning an EPIC bachelor party. Get more details about the "Drive a Tank" experience.