I'm one of those people that if you can scream and actually sound good,  I automatically pay attention you.  I was so excited to see The Agonist on the bill for  the Wayne Static show at Monks on Feb. 21, but alas, something went awry.  I don't know exactly what happened, but when it comes to a show I really want to see and the line-up changes, I automatically go into pout mode. This time it didn't last long.

I found out Defiler was replacing The Agonist and tried to do a little research, but honestly, Youtube was all I really needed.  I will say looks are deceiving... at first glace, you see a group of young guys that look like they barely graduated high school.  As soon as you hit play and turn up the volume, different story! I can now understand why metalsucks.net would label these guys as "the future of deathcore."  I am no longer feeling sorry for myself, I'm actually more stoked than I was before! Horns up, gentlemen,  I'm ready to be "Defiled" at this show!