Lots of people can beat on a drum, but not everyone can make it sound good. In my experience as a drummer, the drum set was always the instrument that everybody who visited out practice pad thought they could play. It is more than just beating on a drum head. It is a skill, and drummer Dean Zimmer is not going to let his handicap stand in the way of his dream of being a drummer.

According to the LA Times

Zimmer, 28, has arthrogryposis, a rare birth defect that severely restricts joint movement in his arms and legs. Nine operations have given him slightly more coordination, but the truth remains: He will never walk properly or have full use of his arms. He must rely on effort and practice.

Here's an all-too-frequent scenario: Zimmer, answering an advertisement for a drummer, calls the band to set up an audition. When he shows up, the band is often surprised to learn Zimmer is in a wheelchair.

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