Mix booze, France, teen boys and a circus and what do you get?

Five French teenaged boys went out for a night in Bordeaux, known as the city's wine capital. Next they wandered into a closed down circus, where the boys say they "played with the animals". One of the boys goes on to explain that they had their drunken hearts set on partying with a zebra, but that the circus zebra was not cooperating. So they went for the llama, because he "walked with us like a good dog would have".

In fact Serge the Llama was so cooperative, that the boys decided to take him for a ride on the tram, because that makes total sense when you're 16 and drunk off your ass in France at 4 a.m. on a Thursday with a stolen circus animal.

Facebook page that currently has 811,000 supporters requesting clemency for the teens, and is pimping off Serge t-shirts.