What do you expect from a New York 'SantaCon'?  A couple of weeks ago on my show, I was telling you about how New York police were asking bar owners not to serve those dressed in Santa suits to avoid having little kids see drunken Santas barfing, swearing, brawling, wetting themselves and passing out all over the city. Asking had little effect on the bar owners.

Over the weekend, there were gatherings in a bunch of different cities called SantaCon, where people dress as Santa and go out drinking. Judging by this video taken in New York, the bar owners there were happy to get the Santas smashed. Watch as 6 rowdy Santas (six rowdy Santas, 5 severe beat-iiings, 4 pairs of handcuffs, 3 pissed cops...this makes for a great holiday tune!) brawl in the streets of NY, no word if any of the Santas were actually arrested.

I love that they keep having to pull up their Santa pants between blows and this quote from the person filming, "You talk about a Santa fight, THAT'S what you want". Good holiday cheer!

There's some naughty language here so you might want to turn it down if you're at work.