I know exactly what you're thinking: DVDs? Doesn't everyone watch Netflix now? The tale of DVDs that smell like pizza comes from Brazil

(maybe they don't have Netflix in the Amazon . . . and for that matter, do they have Amazon in the Amazon . . . sadly ironic if they don't)

Actually, availability of broadband and streaming services in Brazil is fairly limited, so DVD popularity hasn't fallen off vis-a-vis the United States. Anyway, the Yahoo article makes this sound like a pretty cool deal:

A special thermal ink on the DVD reacts to the heat of the DVD player, not only releasing the odor but also causing a picture of a pizza to appear on top of the disc. A message reads: "Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino's Pizza."


It's well known that appealing to multiple senses helps information stick, but advertising hasn't traditionally taken advantage of sight and smell together in your living room. Imagine how many burgers fast food joints would sell if I could smell the BBQ and bacon coming through my screen!

Not that I'm in a rush to get a pizza-smelling DVD, but I might start buying porn on DVD again if companies like Vivid can further develop Domino's idea, taking the technology to its logical conclusion :-)