Before you start throwing your new E-Cig out for fear of it exploding in your hand, face  or much less anywhere around you, I will let you know that this is about as likely to happen as your laptop exploding while you use it.

In this instance a bartender had their E-Cig plugged in behind the bar charging when it burst into flames.  How did this happen? It was discovered that the charger being used to power up the E-Cig was not intended for that use.  I have learned from experience to match specific chargers with electronics after I accidentally blew up some computer networking equipment (Ooops!). Luckily my "blow up" consisted of a small pop sound and a smokey room. The thing that causes these more destructive explosions is the Lithium Ion (Li Ion) battery.  You have these in your laptops, cell phones, and E-Cigs.

Without throwing a handful of science terms at you, the Li Ion battery has a membrane that separates positive from negative.  When positive and negative connect, you have a current run (think about what happens when you lick a 9 volt: you get shocked). When this happens internally within the Li Ion battery, you get an explosion.

Here are some tips to prevent it:

  1. Do not get the battery wet
  2. Do not mix and match chargers
  3. Do not try to modify your battery
  4. Keep Battery away from heat sources (don't leave your electronics next to a heater or in direct sunlight)
  5. Discard and replace damaged batteries

These might seem like no brainers, but as we've seen, crap happens...