How would you like a pure silver anus? How about a glass anus? Who can resist plunging their tongue into a pure Belgian chocolate anus?

Described as "the anus that made Britain Great," the edible chocolate anus is real, and has actually been around for a decade. How are we just NOW discovering these delectable treats?

Does your man love chocolate AND anilingus? And really, who doesn't? Well this is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you!

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Edible Anus also offers glass and pure silver anuses for the b-hole connoisseur in your life. Imagine how classy a glass bumhole will look on your night stand. Your friends, neighbors and lovers will truly realize what a unique individual and lover of anal you are, when they see a pure silver poop chute on your mantle.

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And at the end of the day, can't we all agree that chocolate or no chocolate, all anuses are, in fact, edible. Happy Valentine's Day my friends.