This weekend, is traditionally the height of the rut for Montana elk. The bulls are going crazy. It is time to get out and pretend to be "Dr. Dolittle." You have to learn how to talk like the animals before you can speak their language.

On of the biggest misconceptions from people new to elk hunting is , bugling to bring in the bulls. Bugling should be used sparingly. Bugling more than once or twice, can chase more elk out of the country than bring them in. Unless you REALLY want to get a bull fired up for a fight.

The best thing to work on, for bringing elk in, is the cow call. Think of elk hunting during the rut, like being in a bar. You tend to try and stay away from the drunk idiot at the bar and are attracted to the hot chick talking about how she is single.

Check out the following video for some great cow calling techniques from Predator Quest