Clowns are flippin' scary. With that said, imagine the terror your children would experience if you hired  Dominic Deville, who prides himself on being the "Evil Birthday Clown".

For a fee, the Evil Clown will leave your birthday kid scary notes all week saying they are being watched and will be attacked when they least expect it. Then, on the day of the party, Dominic shows up wearing a super scary mask and smashes the birthday boy or girl in the face with cake.

I imagine this would be a life changing event. Either the best day ever for your sick, twisted kiddo, or a day that little Billy will recall in detail to his therapist in about ten years.

And can you imagine the TV commercial? Hopefully the Evil Birthday Clown will get enough business to buy tv ads, can't wait to see that one.

What do  you think? Would you hire this guy to scare the crap out of your kid?