The Montana Air National Guard will be providing two F-15 fighter jets to fly over Washington Grizzly Stadium during pre-game festivities for the Grizzly-Bobcat game.

Sergeant Andy English says the two fighter aircraft will be using the fly-over as part of a regular Saturday mission out of the Montana Air National Guard air base in Great Falls. He says the jets will take about 12 minutes to get to Missoula from Great Falls, and will pass over Washington Grizzly stadium at a height of 1,000 feet going 400 miles per hour.

English says the pilots will be using Google Earth to detail the coordinates for the stadium, and the on-board computer will time their approach and appearance at exactly the time established by pre-game director Christy Anderson.

The two aircraft will be piloted by MSU and UM grads. Their names are confidential, but their 'call-signs' are 'Stump', and 'Stiffler'.

The ground will shake...the crowd will go wild, and the stadium announcer will say.. 'Ladies and Gentlemen...the sound of freedom!

Sergeant Andy English with the Montana Air National Guard