We've all had (or have) a jagoff boss. If I'm being honest, something like this should have happened to me many times over. I recall one Myspace update (that should tell you how long ago this was) in which I basically asked my sales manager for new shoes, because the rah-rah inspirational bullsh*t video he made us watch made me puke on my new Nikes.

(suffice it to say I don't have any inspirational posters of golf, soaring eagles, or mountaintops at dusk in my office)

Anyhoo, some poor bastard in Colorado got canned after he Facebook-ranted about his boss' lack of compassion toward this worker's illness. We've read countless stories like this before, so why people continue to do this kind of thing is beyond me*. The best part of the story, though, is this:

Joe’s co-worker/friend reported the post to their boss, which led to Lobato’s termination for “gross misconduct” and posting negative comments about the company on a public forum.

Some friend.

All this negative work-related stuff puts me in the mood for a fun commercial. How many times have YOU fantasized about impaling your boss with a lightsaber? It's ok. These feelings are normal, just DON'T share them on Facebook!

*I like my boss, my sales manager, the GM, the digital guru, and the entire company. I love my job I love my job I love my job and this post in no way reflects ANY dissatisfaction with 96.3 the Blaze or its owner because, let's face it, I got a mortgage to pay.