North Korea has been in the news a lot lately. With the reports of a nuclear test recently and also blatant threats to America, it is no wonder why we are looking at them as an annoying little brat. A (fake) Propaganda film has been circling the internet telling of "How Americans live today."

According to the North Korea Comedy show Youtube channel:

A new release on North Korea TV today, showing how Americans live and how many of them have to eat snow and birds to survive.

They show the poor conditions of the houses, how many people have to eat birds and snow whilst living in tents,

You also will see the "snow soup kitchens", which are on every street corner (except in Oregon) and a former Republican Candidate, who tried to get elected in snow soup kitchens free Oregon and was defeated to cries of "give us our snow soup kitchens".


There's a voiceover in English that's supposedly translating the Korean narrator.  And it includes some insane "facts" . . . like that there aren't any birds left in America, because we had to EAT them all.  But it turns out the translation is FAKE.  It was done by a British travel writer named Alun Hull, and the original YouTube video clearly says it's a joke.