I ran across this crazy picture and had to find out more, especially since  it's making national news.

Cindy Barshop, star of “The Real Housewives of New York City” and owner of the Completely Bare Salon just announced two unique new spa items: “The Foxy Bikini” ($225), in which actual real fox fur is applied to the bikini, and "The Carnivale Bikini "($195), utilizing neon-colored feathers.

Seriously the carnivale bikini? It sounds fun, but how little action do you have to be getting to NEED a party in your pants?

"People are loving the concept, it is so over the top,” Barshop, 40, told TODAY.com. “Feathers and colorful fur were shown on a lot of the runway shows and I thought, let's bring back the merkin incorporating these hot trends and allow ladies to wear something fabulous down there.”

Isn't it crazy enough that girls are wearing feathers in their hair, but NOW feathers down there?

If you were to come across this what would your rection be?