As Montanans, we all show a little pride when we think of the impact Butte has made on the history of our nation. Butte Montana is a mile high, a mile deep and on the level, when it comes to the pioneer spirit. With a little help from the Montana Film Office, a group of directors are set to release a new feature film that centers around the Butte mining culture and the historical town.

According to the "Orphan Girl" Kickstarter page

Each day the sun rises, our hero miner reflects that this day might be his last.  The sacrifices and hardships the miners face every day underground, are a bold reality. Yet, the perseverance of these mavericks fueled the American industrial revolution from 5,000 feet inside the earth. The Orphan Girl’s story melds the legacy, heritage, and innovation of Butte’s past, with the future of what is shaping to be a second wave of entrepreneurial enterprise. Butte's pioneer spirit has been rekindled today, and this project is helping to bridge that gap.


The movie is set to premiere on September 11th, but their is still time for you to join the campaign and contribute to the release of this new film. Click here for more info on the Kickstarter campaign