What a night! Starting out with an interview with opening band Rains, continuing with meeting Jamie Jasta of Hatebreed, and ending with a mosh/crowd surfing session during Five Finger Death Punch.

These bands have been battling long days, long miles, and some crappy sickness, but they made it to Missoula, rocked out, and gave us all a great show.  When we first came to the Adams Center, the Blaze crew and several listeners went for a meet and greet with Five Finger Death Punch.  Ivan was dealing with day number 2 of flu and not only came out to greet fans, but also rocked it like nothing was wrong later that night.  Nick Wilson, one of our listeners, designed a long board for FFDP.  Ivan was stoked to receive it. 

Soon after, I met up with Jamie Jasta of Hatebreed.  We talked about tour and his solo project simply titled “Jasta.”  If you ever get a chance, pick up this CD! The tracks on this thing are Jamie joined by a handful of other musicians including Zakk Wylde and All That Remains’ Phil Labonte. 

I have seen FFDP twice before this, but the show last night at the Adams Center was by far the most exciting setup I’ve seen thus far. The LED screens and lights were amazing!  If had the choice of doing it again, I’d say HELL YES!!!!