Starting Monday (March 4), and going all week, 96.3 the Blaze gives YOU a chance to win tickets to the sold out Volbeat show, scavenger hunt style. Each day The Flag of Denmark will be hidden deep on the website. We'll give you clues as to the flag's location. When we give the word, call us, tell us where it is, and if you're right you're in!

So what the Lort does the Flag of Denmark look like? I can't show you, cause, see, I know how radio contests work. If I put a picture of the flag in this blog, sure as Lort someone will assume this is the "winning" location of the flag. It's not. So you can't see it. What I CAN tell you about the Flag of Denmark is: it's red, with a white cross; it is a flag of odd dimensions, being nearly square as compared to our rectangular Stars and Stripes; according to legend, the Dannebrog (Danish Cloth) fell from the sky in 1219, on the same day King Waldemar II kicked ass in Estonia, though historians generally feel the flag is based on banners used during the crusades. You can check out a more comprehensive history of the flag if you like, but the Danish flag is generally accepted as the oldest national flag on Earth, and served as the basis for other national flags in Scandinavia.

Even though I can't put up an actual image of the flag, I hope you took a second to click at least ONE of those links, because those pages contain images of what you're looking for. Find the Flag, win Volbeat tickets all week from the Blaze!