The current leg of Five Finger Death Punch's tour stopped in Casper, Wyoming last night and it sounds like s**t was CRAZY.

Maybe if Ivan wasn't sick & holed up in his bus in his robe & slippers for the Missoula show, we could have seen this kind of action. Our friends at Rock 96.7 in Casper shared all of this rad, exclusive footage. Enjoy.

Ivan Moody tells a story of mistaken identity… that resulted in a midget being dropped on stage.

After a crowd surfer is removed by security, Ivan Moody brings up the house lights and threatens to cancel the concert mid-show:


Ivan Moody follows through on his promise, drops the mic and walks off stage.

In the final chapter of our saga, Ivan Moody actually apologizes to security… kinda.

Complete exclusive coverage of the entire show including photos, videos and commentary.

Thanks to Rock 96.7 in Casper for sharing!