Whilst fiddlin around on the net yesterday, I stumbled upon a band called Five Horse Johnson. Yes, it sounds dirty. No, they're not five guys with an abnormal attraction to the equine barn. They're a blues/rock band from Ohio (though they sound very Mississippi/Alabama, not Toledo). I think you'll dig them. Their website and Facebook pages are a little out of date, but that's OK since the band have been on hiatus (their singer had a stroke . . . if you're gonna take a break that's as good a reason as any). But the band is back with a shiny new release "The Taking of Blackheart," which is getting some nice reviews.

Check out a track from the new record:

And if you're thinking "sunnabitch, these guys remind me of Clutch. They should do a song together!" You're not the first one to think that, as the two bands got together for a cover of the Parliament Funkadelic's "Red Hot Mama"