We already knew Dave Grohl was not only  an amazingly talented & hilarious dude, but also a very kind dude. He proved it once again when he left a bartender a $1,000 tip for serving him ONE drink. Dave was in Philly for a wedding over the long Memorial Day weekend. While there, he stayed at the Rittenhouse Square Hotel, which is swanky but not super ritzy, his room looked kind of like this.

How do I know? Like I wouldn't.

Dave stopped into the Smith and Wollensky, the hotel bar, on that Friday night, ordered one drink which likely had Crown Royal in it, and tipped the bartender $1,000.

The following night, he returned to the same bar and ordered a few more drinks — and then dropped the exact same $1,000 tip. I'm guessing that this would definitely qualify him for “Saints” status on the Celebrity Tippers website.

Stand up guy, as usual. I heeeaaaarrrtttt him!