Smuggling illegal drugs onto a plane can be tough. That is what Jack Black and Kyle Gass (Tenacious D) discovered in today's Vidiot. The Foo Fighters have always been known for having funny videos and this one has got to be one of my favorites. Dave and Taylor are good at playing different characters in their videos. But the one thing I have always noticed is that they are REALLY good at playing FEMALE roles. Take the video "Everlong" for example. When I first saw that video, I thought "Who is the hot chick?" Only to discover it was a dude. *BLEH*

In today's Vidiot, Dave and Taylor, do have a few female roles. One of them being two morbidly obese chicks. But either way the video is hilarious. Also, don't forget that Tenacious D will be releasing their 3rd album on May 15th titled "The Rise Of The Fenix." As Tenacious D makes a cameo in this Foo Fighters video. You can see Dave Grohl make a cameo in the first video from Tenacious D's project here.