Naturally, nothing excites me more than getting a text from the Foo Fighters, I always yell out "I got a text from Dave Grohl!!" no matter where I am.  Course it's just a mass text the band sends out to fans when they wanna share a link to something awesome, but I live in a fantasy land, you know this.  Mutha' effin Foo Fantasy Island.

ANYWAY, they texted a coupla times this week, as you likely saw, Dave posted a 'thank you' to you, me & all the fans earlier this week. Then yesterday there was another text that said "Holy Shit!!  Even geoscientists agree...with a link.  The link took me to a post at where  it was revealed that on Tuesday night, the Foo rocked Auckland, New Zealand so hard that the crowd caused "tremors similar to a volcanic event".

50,000 fans caused the tremors starting during the Tenacious D opening set (btw, how fricken RAD would it be to see The D opening for FF? Cripes.) with the biggest shakes at 8:20 when the Foo took the stage.  Well Hell, I'll just let you read it yourself, check out the full story here.

Check out this venue, looks amazing!