David Letterman has been a long time fan and supporter of the Foo Fighters, he was the first talk show host to invite them to perform on his show and they've been the musical guest around 4 trillion times since. They didn't perform last night but they did present the Top 10.  It was the "Top Ten Interesting Facts About The Grammy Awards".  I knew they were supposed to be on last night and thought it was weird because there's no way they could be in New York when they're gearing up for the Grammy's in Los Angeles.  Course I forgot about that whole magic of satellite stuff.  Anyway...

My two favorite parts are when Taylor is forced to say "Lil' Wayne" and that Paul Shaffer comes out of it with "The Pretender".  It'll likely be on YouTube sometime today but for now you can see it on the official Late Show site.

You gotta' scroll in to 26:00, after the 3rd little ad notch there.  And you'll have to suffer through a couple of commercials.  Totally worth it.


Thursday, February 9, 2012
Top Ten Interesting Facts About The Grammy Awards (as presented by the Foo Fighters)

10."The 'Z' in Jay-Z stands for 'Zuckerman'"
9."I sold my Grammys"
8."Even we don't know the difference between 'Record of the Year' and 'Album of the Year'"
7."I fink you fweaky and I like you a lot"
6."After the ceremony, everyone meets at Applebee's to celebrate over Potato Twisters and Dessert Shooters"
5."LL Cool J is hosting this year's Grammys after Eddie Murphy dropped out"
4."The soda machine backstage has root beer"
3."Lil Wayne will be performing with his older brother, Medium-Sized Wayne"
2."First Grammy was awarded to some fat guy blowing on a jug"
1."Every year since 1995, we've won the Grammy for Fighting Foo"
Foo Fighters are up for 6 Grammy Awards including Album Of The Year for Wasting Light.  They have also reported they will be performing not once, but twice, which means they must be slated to win something. One of the appearances will be part of a tribute to Paul McCartney, the last time the Foos performed on the Grammys was 2008.
Following the Grammys, the boys will take a couple of weeks off before heading to Singapore on March 2nd.  Their next North American dates are festivals in New Orleans and New Jersey in May.