Guess how many times I've watched the video for "Rope" since it's world premiere yesterday at 5:54pm local time.  Go ahead, guess.  Now times that by 642 and that is the answer.

MTV debuted the brand new video with the band live from some lucky a**hole's house in Los Angeles.  A bunch of other locals who applied to have it at their house got to sit in the driveway in their lame little dresses (how about a Foo shirt you effing poseurs!) and ask the most obvious questions possible.

It was rad though, nice to hear Nate actually say a few words, naturally Chris said nothing.  Dave said a ton and was rad and funny, as usual.  The video is totally lo-fi and directed by Dave.  Oh!  And it's the album version of the song, to my delight, as the radio edit eliminates my favorite line in the whole song.  Put yer eyes and ears on this.