Who knew fork lifting was a sport? Well it sure as Hell is, with fork lifting champs all over the world slacking off at work daily to practice their tricks. Here's proof, watch this guy use his fork lift to pick up a quarter and drop it into a 2 liter soda bottle.

After seeing this amazing feat, I thought of local fork lift master and long time Blaze listener, Mike Ross. Mike lives to fork lift, it's his passion. Sure enough, he'd seen a similar video and had to try it for himself. Mike says on Facebook 'So I seen a video of a guy doing something similar to this so I had to do it myself. Not as "smooth" as the one I saw, but proves the point I was tryin' to get across.' Which is, that Mr. Ross is indeed, a Master Fork Lifter.

If fork lifting were an Olympic sport, and considering how much Mike slacks off at work, we're damn sure he would win a gold medal in no time.

*Disclaimer* If Mike's boss is reading this, we're totally kidding about him being a slacker and he didn't perform this trick during work hours.