It was truly an honor to have Bruce Pavitt, founder of Seattle's legendary Sub Pop Records on my show today.

  As most anyone who was between the ages of 12 and 30 in the 1990's can say, Sub Pop is one of the greatest record labels of all time. This is the label that started the grunge movement, the label that made it possible for the masses to enjoy indie rock and the label that celebrated the art of live shows. The label that gave corporate America and cookie cutter labels two big Seattle rain soaked middle fingers.

Sub Pop is so influential, there's even a beer named after them. And it tastes 100% rock awesome.

The first band Sub Pop signed was a little group called Nirvana. It was 1989 and Kurt Cobain was just a farm kid from Aberdeen, Washington. The 8 day trip he would take to Europe to promote Nirvana would be the first time he'd ever seen so much of the world.

In this interview, Bruce Pavitt recalls that trip and how Kurt had a nervous breakdown the first day they arrived in Europe. He also shares the incredible photography of Nirvana, Mudhoney & TAD in his new book, 'Experiencing Nirvana'. This is a must hear for any avid Nirvana fan, and the book is certainly a must have for fans of grunge.

Bruce Pavitt Interview Part 1

Bruce Pavitt Interview Part 2

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