I aint scared to do a little streaking. Back in college I sprinted down the length of University avenue to the Grizzly statue a couple times. NO BIG DEAL! The trick is : Don't get caught. According to thesmokinggun.com, In Lincoln Nebraska (Home of the University of Nebraska) a 23 year old man was arrested for indecent exposure. As read in the police report, Khalaf Mourad, was running in the nude down a Lincoln street when he spotted a police patrolman. He immediatly covered up his junk with his hand and began to casually walk until the officer confronted him. When asked what he was doing, Mourad said "Just re-enacting a scene from Old School". After getting dressed in the back seat of the patrol car he said "I know, Im stupid". I think it would have been a whole lot better if he asked the cop "Do you think KFC is still open?"