The guys were totally enthralled with a video this morning. Everyone agreed that the video was awesome. So it must have been a spectacular video, right? Was it a video of a polar bear skydiving? No. A nitroglycerin plant exploding? Nope.

It was a video of rubber bands cutting a watermelon.

Seriously though, the guys were right. While it doesn’t sound too flashy, the video is pretty great.

Free Beer delievered a play-by-play of the video, noting that, “It was right as they were about to apply another [rubber band] that it gave up.” He went on to add that he especially loved how “the chunks are already past them by the time they wince and try to avoid them.”

“There isn’t anything that I don’t find super awesome at 1000 frames per second,” said Hot Wings, who was also very impressed with the video. Producer Joe wanted to know “what else you can cave in with rubber bands,” before mentioning that he saw something similar on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show.

Based on Joe’s assertion that they would get to see footage of Spider-man barfing in slow mo, the guys then watched the clip from Conan.

Since we know that you also want to see video of Spider-man barfing in slow mo, here’s the video: