First off, this is not a post about Freedom Rock, the CD collection from 1987 . . . which was advertised to me on cable, constantly. The cheeseball commercial looked like this:

This Freedom Rock is about a literal rock. I'll confess . . . the idea for this blog started out in a snarky place. I saw a story from Iowa saying that this mural artist wanted to paint a rock in all 99 Iowa counties. "Big f**king resolution there" I thought, "set those sights high! A rock in every county. Stop the press!" But it turns out the Freedom Rock, located a few miles south of I-80 between Omaha and Des Moines, is a pretty cool tribute to veterans, soldiers, and all things patriotic. It looks like this:

So I guess I'll keep my snarky a-hole hat on the shelf today. Though, if you have something you want to sound off about please feel free over at our Rant of the Day (Rant de jour if you're one of them fancy, cultured folk)