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So my homie, Hot Tina, says to me, she says "hey let's go to Frenchtown Pond".  I instantly got visions of the pond the way I knew it growing up and said "ewww, no way".  Hot Tina said it was totally different now and super rad so we packed up our Big Daddy floaty and our cooler and off we went.

To my surprise, Frenchtown Pond totally does not suck.  It's clean and pretty, totally kid friendly and the water is nothing like I remember it as a kid.
It's a spring fed lake and only like ten feet deep, so perfect for the kids.  There's a nice long dock and a lot of space so it's not crowded, or it wasn't when we went anyway.  The park also includes this covered party/picnic area, excellent for birthday parties and a park with swings and a play structure.  It even has grills and fire rings, fresh water and (this is important to the ladies) a very nice restroom.
There was a ton of different things going on too.  Like some fishing at the west end and a dude snorkeling, there were even a few canoes out there.
Frenchtown Pond park is open from 9a-9p daily and free entry if you have Montana plates.  I think it was only like 3 bucks or something otherwise.  Super cool place, glad I checked it out, definitely a new favorite summer hang spot.