The legendary Zakk Wylde was a special guest on 96.3 The Blaze today. I recently called Zakk, while he was overseas in the Czech Republic, and chatted about the life of one our generation's most influential guitarists. During the lengthy interview, we discussed everything from eating habits while on tour, his new book, Ozzy, sobriety, Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, his new addition to the Wylde family and an extra special surprise that you'll have to hear to believe. Check out the full interview and video.

Segment One: What do rockstars eat while on tour overseas?

Segment Two: How Zakk's health has been since his run it with a blood clot back in 2009

Segment Three: Zakk's view on sobriety

Segment Four: Touring with Ozzy and friends, plus an update on Black Sabbath

Segment Five: Zakk's new book "Bringing Metal to the Children"

Segment Six: Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp

Segment Seven: How to be a rockstar dad

Segment Eight: Zakk gives advice on my marriage proposal

Now check out the hidden camera footage of my fiance's reaction to the marriage proposal Zakk helped me with.

Thanks again to Zakk Wylde for making my proposal extra special, and don't forget to get a copy of his new book "Bringing Metal to the Children - The Berzerker's guide to World Tour Domination."