Go figure that the radio guy with a Marketing degree from the U of M would get a semi when he watches commercials. I actually had a class where all we did was analyze goofy ass commercials like the following. Since then, I find myself paying more attention to the commercials than whatever show I'm watching. Especially during the Super Bowl. As we get ready to count down to the end of 2011, I want to share with you some of the funniest commercials from 2011.

We have all asked ourselves (male or female) whether or not we would "do" Flo from E-surance. You may have also found yourself taking pointers from Keith Stone. Funny commercials are made to force you to watch them and not just tune them out like you do to the ones of Wilfred Brimley and his ads about diabetes medication. Even though I do respect his bitchin mustache.

The following ads are a collection of some of the funniest commercials aired in 2011:
Part 1

Part 2