A few years back a couple from Hamilton stopped by the station because they wanted to buy some advertising. This isn't uncommon. Another part of my job here at the Blaze is to write and produce commercials. I do it almost everyday, so the beginning of the experience wasn't uncommon. What DID catch me off guard, was what they wanted to advertise. An all purpose "lube".. The first thing you think of is some sort of "intimacy lubrication". Now, while this product "Weiner Slicker" (get it?) can be used as that, I quickly found out it has many other purposes, from floor wax to cooking oil. However, they wanted me to come up with a few commercials that would highlite the main purpose of the product.

Not only did they love these commercials, but they ended up winning "Commercial Of The Year" in 2009, at the Montana Broadcasters Awards. I thought it would be fun to share this with you guys today..