On Monday, September 9, hundreds of Montanans marched in downtown Bozeman to celebrate "Montana Pride" in an annual event and parade. Rainbows, frilly skirts, bubbles, sunshine and smiles were out in full force.

Sounds like a good time and great way to show our support for the LGBT folks who have come such a long way, and made so much progress in raising awareness in our communities of who they are and what they stand for, right? The Westboro Baptist Church sure didn't think so.

This group of poor excuses for humans has made a name for themselves by picketing funerals of American soldiers, concerts and other events they feel go against what they believe in. Do they have a right to speak out? Of course. But do they have to be so disgusting and evil about it? It's a terrible, awful cult in my opinion.

Country artist Vince Gill also had a recent run in with the WBC, and he approached them outside of his concert to ask exactly what their problem is with him. Apparently they were upset about him committing adultery, as they consider him getting divorced and remarried to a different woman as such.

There have been some pretty amazing responses to the WBC's protests. They include people holding up funny signs to make fun of them, gay couples making out during their picketing, little kids selling "diversity cupcakes" at the rallies to raise money for local gay charities. Here are some more great ones, and my favorite of all time, when Foo Fighters responded to the church picketing their Kansas City show dressed up as the gay truckers from their Hot Buns video.