A man from the Bitterroot recently, and reluctantly, placed a gun up for sale on the Facebook group Bitterroot Valley Online Yard Sale, where people sell everything from jeans to vehicles to live stock. The gun was an heirloom passed down from his grandfather but the man is in bad health and needed the money.


In typical Montana 'neighbors taking care of neighbors' fashion, a generous stranger went to the man's house and anonymously left an envelope containing $1,200 in cash and a note telling him to go ahead and keep the gun. How cool is that?

Here's a message the man's daughter posted on the yard sale page.

We are no longer selling the gun pictured below. Today my father came home to find an envelope with $1200 cash and a note that said to keep the gun. We are overwhelmed by this blessing!! It truly brought tears to our eyes!! My father would like to thank whoever you are from the bottom of his heart. He has been struggling with his health & it has been very emotional for him trying to get back on his feet. It was very hard for him to advertise this family heirloom passed down from his grandfather. We cannot express our gratitude for doing something so so generous out of the kindness of your heart! God bless you!!