How does that saying go, "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?" Our boy, Geoff Tate, is doing just that with a contest aimed to find the biggest Queensryche "HATER."

Queensryche recently released "Frequency Unknown" on April 23rd, and it has been getting bashed by fans. So Geoff decided to embrace the haters with a contest to find the biggest hater and asked them to submit videos of them ranting about the new album.

According to the press release, the winner will get, "an all-expenses paid trip to Seattle to see Queensryche on June 29th, along with V.I.P. special guest seating, meet-and-greet passes for after the show . . .

"And a merchandise package worth $250 that you can feel free to either burn, or wear in style!"

Check out Geoff as he reacts to the submissions