I remember growing up wanting to play guitar. I advanced to the point that I knew how to play basic cords and bits and pieces of my favorite songs.  Once I realized my level musical talent might be just good enough to wind up in a four cord punk band, I lost motivation and gave up.  If I could only time travel back, I would slap myself and say “here’s an idea… why don’t you take lessons?!”

For all you aspiring musicians out there, what if I told you that taking lessons from some of your favorite artists if not only an option, but it can be done at your own place and you don’t have to sell a kidney on the black market to afford it?  Not just guitar lessons either; we are talking vocals, drums, and bass as well.  I kid you not, All Star Lessons makes it possible!

Mike LaRoche of Lansdowne, creator of ASL, before and after roof fall

After suffering a fall off a roof in April while working a construction job between tours, Mike LaRoche, bassist of Lansdowne, began to contrive All Star Lessons.  The fall resulted in a broken wrist and foot leaving Mike immobilized for some time, but also opened the door to work on the new project. “Once I thought of the idea I bounced it off friends to see what they thought.  Matt from Pop Evil was the one who made me move forward with it because of his enthusiasm” says LaRoche, “I know when I was a kid, I would have killed to have the resources to reserve a live face to face music lesson from an artist I looked up to.”

All Star Lessons provides an opportunity for fans wanting to learn from the artists they love to connect over Facetime and Skype for music lessons.  Some of the “teachers” on this site include Matt DiRito (Pop Evil), Drayven Davidson (Static X), and Jerod Mankin (Bobaflex) just to name a few. Fans can choose between half hour and hour long sessions that range in price depending on the artist they choose.

Personally, I am excited to see what happens to the site after time, it already has so much to offer it’s hard to believe that it has only been available since September!