There aren't many selfies that you could snap at this point that could actually shock anybody, as everyone's almost seen it all. Almost.

Getty Images/Darrin Klimek

A high school girl in Alabama was on a field trip at the University of Alabama with her class. There were cadavers covered with sheets and the students were instructed not to touch or remove them. They were also supposed to leave phones and recording devices behind. This little rule breaker disregarded all of that and went ahead, pulled back the sheets, and snapped a selfie with some family's dead loved one.

When common sense prevailed, she took the photo off Instagram, but you know how the 'ol interwebs work, nothing posted is really ever permanently gone. Some tattletale at her school had taken a screen shot of her photo and showed a family member who in turn called the school. Homegirl's in deep doo doo.